Alternative Assets

We help asset owners or managers turn illiquid assets, or assets that are otherwise difficult to invest in, into financial products that can be easily bought by a variety of investor audiences.

Since 2013, our group securitization platforms have been giving asset owners and managers a quick and seamless way to package their illiquid or exotic assets into easily purchasable investment notes.

We are a team of innovators with extensive experience in understanding professional investors’ needs and interests, meaning that we can design products that are not only technically investable, but also desirable. Our clients have ranged from large property fund managers to start-up technology companies, and we have successfully delivered solutions to highly unusual assets and risk exposures.

Why investment notes?

  • Structure. Investment notes for different owners/managers are issued via separate legal and ‘bankruptcy remote’ compartments of our Luxembourg-domiciled securitization vehicle. If any compartment, or the securitization vehicle itself, were to become bankrupt, all other compartments still hold security over their own assets.
  • Flexibility. The structures are flexible and can be easily tailored to create investable products that securitize any asset class and satisfy a variety of investor requirements.
  • Speed. Clients avoid the costly and lengthy process of setting up their own securitization company, we are often able to create a new compartment to securitise assets within days rather than months.
  • Multiple currency support. The structure allows for easy set-up of different currency classes of product and every distinct compartment has its own bank accounts.